Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where are we going?  We will be visiting Independence, Liberty Jail, Far West, Adam-Ondi-Ahman, and Nauvoo.  A detailed itinerary will be forthcoming at the Nauvoo 2020 link at
  2. When will we be leaving and returning? We will be leaving from the Stake Center on the morning of Monday, June 15th (exact time forthcoming).  We will return to the Stake Center on Friday, June 19th at around 10:00 p.m. (Please arrange for transportation home.)
  3. Who can attend?  Youth of the Carrollton Texas Stake who will be 14 or older by December 31, 2020 are invited to join us, including those who graduate from high school in 2020. 
  4. How do I register? We will use online registration.  You can register under the Nauvoo 2021 link at Medical forms, permission slips, and other required information will be added to the website as the date of the trip approaches. 
  5. What is the registration deadline? Registration is currently open and will remain open through January 15, 2020. We encourage youth to register online as early as possible before the deadline so we have accurate information when finalizing reservations for buses, hotels, meals, etc.
  6. What is the cost to participate in the trip to Nauvoo? The Stake Presidency has asked that each youth contribute $350 towards the trip, with the remainder of the costs being covered by the stake.  We encourage you to begin now to earn the required funds! Payment is due no later than Sunday, April 26, 2020.  If desired, wards may use the annual fundraising effort to help offset the cost (see Handbook 2, 13.6.8) 
  7. How do I pay? Payments should be made to your Ward.  Please use a tithing slip and make payment in the “Other” slot and write in “Nauvoo.”  Payment is due no later than April 26, 2020. There will be no refunds after April 26, 2020 due to the need to finalize travel arrangements.  
  8. How will we get there? We will travel by charter bus. 
  9. What accommodations will be provided? Reservations at Nauvoo have been made at the Nauvoo Family Inn & Suites.  We will be staying at a Hampton Inn in Liberty. Most youth rooms will accommodate 4 youth (2 queen or full beds) in Liberty and 8 youth in Nauvoo (8 twin beds).  You may bring a sleeping bag if you wish. Please coordinate with stake leaders if you have any specific concerns.
  10. Can parents or other family members attend? This trip is for youth of the stake and is not intended to be a family event. Should a family still choose to come to Nauvoo during the time period of the youth conference, they should not expect to participate in activities planned for the youth, nor keep their youth from these events.
  11. Could I meet up with my family at the end of the Youth Conference in Nauvoo to leave on our family vacation? Activities to and from Nauvoo are an important part of the conference, and we encourage youth to attend.  However, it may be possible to meet up with your family at the end of the conference. Advance arrangements with stake leaders will be necessary.
  12. If I have a conflict, can I come for just part of the time? We would ask you to commit to attending the entire youth conference due to the complexity of making arrangements, providing accommodations, and ensuring for the safety of such a large group. Also, great activities are planned for each day, which you won’t want to miss!
  13. Will I be assigned to a group? How will groups be assigned? You will be assigned to a group with whom you will participate in many of the conference activities. Each group will have approximately 12-16 youth and will be led by an adult couple. The Stake Aaronic Priesthood and Young Women leaders will assign the groups, seeking inspiration from the Lord and taking into consideration ages, wards and gender to ensure there is an appropriate mix in each group.
  14. Do I have to stay with my assigned group the entire time? You will be expected to remain in your groups during specific times, but there will also be several activities during which you will be combined with multiple groups or the entire stake.
  15. How will the adult leaders be chosen?  The Stake Presidency will prayerfully select adult leaders from members throughout the stake and may seek recommendations from Bishops and other leaders. 
  16. Can I bring electronic devices? Yes!  Electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.) are permitted as long as they are used in an appropriate manner and at appropriate times. In fact, they are encouraged to be used to take pictures and access scriptures.  Note that electronic devices should generally be turned off/put away during any group discussions/activities and before entering the temple. In addition, adult leaders will collect electronic devices each night and will charge them for use the next day.  We want this trip to be memorable for the time you spend with one another. Please make sure your electronic device does not distract you or others from participating and feeling the spirit as we visit these sacred sites. Bring electronic devices at your own risk, as we will not be held responsible for loss, theft or damage.
  17. What type of clothing is appropriate? All clothing should be church standard.  See Dress and Appearance in the For the Strength of Youth guidelines.  Each youth will need one “Sunday best” outfit for attending the Temple.  Please note that we will NOT be wearing Pioneer-period clothing.
  18. What will we eat? All meals will be provided (except for lunch on the first day).  Each youth will need to bring a sack lunch to eat on the bus the first day.  Each youth will be provided appropriate drinks and snacks on the trip, but you may bring snacks or money for vending machines.  Please let a stake leader know in advance if you have any special dietary restrictions that need to be considered. 
  19. How will my parents contact me if there is an emergency? All adult leaders will have cell phones with them, and a list of emergency contact numbers will be provided to parents and ward youth leaders.
  20. What should I bring with me on the trip? Each participant is allowed one airline carry-on sized suitcase or duffle bag (and a sleeping bag and small pillow, if desired). A packing list will be available under the Nauvoo 2021 link at as we get closer to the departure date.
  21. How should I prepare myself for our trip? The Stake Presidency has issued specific challenges that were discussed during the Nauvoo fireside and are available under the Nauvoo 2021 link at  Completing these challenges will help you remember and recognize the power of priesthood covenants—including your own—and better understand the central role those covenants played in the lives of early church members.  These challenges will also prepare you to commune with the spirit and strengthen your testimony during the youth conference. These challenges also encourage you to study church history in order to become more familiar with the locations we will be visiting.
  22. Where can I find out more about the trip? Additional information will be added to the Nauvoo 2021 link at the website as the departure date approaches.  Additional information will also be distributed through stake and ward leaders. You can also follow us on Instagram at Nauvoo2021. Please feel free to contact stake leaders directly if you have any questions or concerns about this youth conference. You can also email the Nauvoo Coordinators at .