Camp FAQs

Where/When is Camp?

YCLs and Stake Leaders will depart from the stake center on Tuesday, 11 June 2019

1-4th Year YW and Ward Camp Leaders will depart from the stake center on Wednesday, 12 June 2019

We will break camp at approximately 11:00 AM on Saturday, 15 June 2019

Location:   Collin Co Adventure Camp  1180 W Houston St Anna, TX  75409 (Map Link)

What are YW camp registration costs and deadlines?

The cost of YW camp in 2019 will be $195.  

The cost for ward adult leaders is $195.  The Stake will cover the cost of Stake Staff, including Level Leaders and the  Nurse.

  • Registration Forms and payments are due on or before Sunday, April 14, 2019.

All Registration forms will be submitted through the youth website,

All YW payments should be submitted through your Bishopric using tithing slips, using the “Other” section and writing YW Camp.

  • A final head count (Final Roster) from each ward is due to the stake camp director on April 14, 2019  Ward invoices will be sent out to your bishop and ward clerk


We encourage young women to earn their own money individually to pay for camp fees.  Parents are encouraged to help their YW in this endeavor. (Parents should talk with your ward’s YW President or Bishop if they have any questions or concerns about YW camp fees.)


The Carrollton Stake does not organize or participate in fundraising activities for YW camp.  Wards who wish to organize and participate in fundraising activities should consult the Church handbook of instructions for fundraising

regulations (see page 324).  Fundraising activities require the authorization of a Bishop, and can only be organized to support one activity per year.


Fees for Ward Camp Leaders and Assistant Ward Camp Leaders are generally paid out of the Ward Budget.  Ward t-shirts or apparel, transportation and any other expenses specific to an individual ward must come out of the individual ward budgets. Please consult your Bishop with specific budget questions.


Registration Forms

Most forms will be available on the stake youth website and  will be live as of February 1, 2019


Each YW camper will need: Each Leader (Stake Staff/WCLs) will need:
  • Registration form/medical release (online)
  • CCAC Release form (print,sign and return)
  • Copy of current immunizations (if not on file)
  • Registration form/medical release (online)
  • CCAC Release form (print and return)
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Youth Protection Training in May (unless current)
  • Stake Leader Training and Emergency Policies in May

Who is eligible to attend YW Camp?

The YW Camp program is designed to serve the young women from the year they turn 12 through the summer after their junior year in high school.


Level breakdowns are as follows:


Level 1 –12 year olds who have not yet attended camp and 11 year olds who are turning 12 this year

Level 2 – young women entering 8th grade

Level 3 – young women entering 9th grade

Level 4 – young women entering 10th grade

Levels 5 & 6 (YCLs) – young women entering 11th and 12th grades


*Discussion among parents, Bishops and YW leaders is appropriate in cases that do not neatly fall into one of the above categories to determine what is best for the young woman using the outlined guidelines as the general rule.


Behavior standards at camp – (see camp participation contract)

Every young woman attending camp is expected to dress and behave in a manner consistent with church standards.  We expect each young woman to respect the property of the camp facility, and other participants at camp. We also expect that each young woman will be respectful in her demeanor, language and actions to adults and other young women, and that her actions reflect in every way that she is a daughter of God.  Specific dress code requirements are listed at the top of the packing list (see attached).


Cell phones at camp

Cell phones and other electronic music and media devices are not permitted at camp.  YW camp is intended to be an experience where the young women get away from the influences of the world.  As such, we ask that these items be left at home. If you have a specific need to contact your daughter during the week, you can make arrangements to communicate with your daughter through your ward camp leader. Any phones that are brought to camp accidentally or intentionally will be collected and given to their specific ward leader for safekeeping until camp breaks on Saturday.


Can I invite my friend who is not a member of the church?

In the past we have been able to accommodate non member friends, however, with the new changes in the youth programs this year, we will have a larger than expected amount of member participants.  Our contract with CCAC only allows for a specific number of participants so we will be unable to accommodate any non member friends this year. Bishops are able to determine if an unbaptized member falls into this category or not.


What is the camp policy about prescription medication?

Any prescription medication must be given to the camp nurse upon arrival at YW Camp.  All medications should be in their original bottles. The camp nurse will oversee and administer all prescription medications at camp.


Over the counter medications will be administered only with prior authorization by a parent/guardian (see camp registration forms).


What will the sleeping arrangements be?

Collin County Adventure Camp is a beautiful facility with air-conditioned cabins with their own bathroom equipped with 2 showers, 2 toilets and 2 sinks in each cabin. The girls will be sleeping on bunk beds divided into levels this year instead of sleeping within their ward units. Our hope is to have the girls build stronger relationships within the Stake.


Will we be organizing ward spirit items/secret sisters?

Items/activities to promote ward spirit and unity, such as matching apparel, secret sisters, etc, will be left solely to the discretion of ward leaders.  Each young woman will receive a Stake YW Camp T-shirt at check-in. Wards may choose to provide a ward t-shirt or unifying article of clothing, (t-shirt, hat, bandana, backpack etc.) if they choose. Anything you choose to do as a ward will need to be organized and funded at the ward level with proper priesthood approval. We are anticipating Friday (subject to schedule change) being our ward camp day leading up to Bishop’s night and testimony meeting.


There will be ward time each day.  This block of time is the time for ward activity, and ward devotional.  You will want to divide the responsibilities so that each YW has an opportunity to participate and serve.   YW should plan to spend this time with their wards, not in other areas of camp.


This time is to be used to bond as ward young women.  We strongly encourage that you have an activity planned to occupy your time.  


YCLs from your ward may be occupied with stake assignments during this time but stake leaders will do their best to make sure they can spend time with their ward as much as possible.


How many adult ward leaders should we plan to bring?

Please plan to bring 2 adult camp leaders per ward.


We understand the sacrifice that our Ward Camp Leaders are giving, and that it is sometimes difficult to be away from obligations at home for a full week.  Given this consideration, we still DISCOURAGE tag-team ward leadership since it may be disruptive to camp and is hard to plan for.


Transportation costs will also be arranged per ward.  The stake does not have a budget for transportation.


Can parents or other adult YW leaders visit YW camp?

We strongly discourage parents from attending camp.  One of the important experiences at camp is learning to be independent.


Adults/Leaders (YW Leaders) who cannot attend the full week of camp, but wish to visit camp, should keep the following parameters in mind:


First, a visitor is a guest who visits for a limited amount of time, and has no direct, unsupervised interaction with campers. A visitor may not spend the night at camp.  


Second, upon arrival, visitors must check in with the camp director, and check out with her when they leave.


Third, our meals are prepared based on the number of paid registrations.  Our visitors are not included in that number. So, if you wish to visit camp during mealtimes, please plan to bring a sack lunch/dinner with you.  


Last, we suggest that you plan your visits for the evening hours when the YW will be participating in activities as a ward.  A schedule of events will be available by May 5, 2019 to help you plan your visit. The camp is about 50 minutes away from the Stake Center, so use that timing in your planning.


What else should I bring to camp with me?

See the personal checklist for a list of items to pack for camp. You will be given an additional list of equipment you will need for your ward at the final camp meeting in May.


Can I bring snacks to camp with me?

We will be providing food for 3 meals a day and evening dessert.  In addition, water stations will be provided at the various activities all day.


The food provided will be adequate, and you do not need to bring any other food.  However, if you wish to bring your own snacks, please remember that all snacks should be kept in sealed Ziploc containers/bags to prevent ants from finding your food.


Schedule (see sample schedule)

We begin our day bright and early usually about 8:00 AM.  The YW rotate through a variety of activities as levels, wards, or YW classes.  We all join together for evening programs. We expect that every YW will attend every scheduled function while at camp.  Each camp and adult will be given a copy of the final schedule upon camp check-in. Those schedules will be stored behind the name tag on their lanyard for reference throughout the day.   


How will testimony meetings be organized?

Individual wards will hold testimony meeting on the final night of camp.  We encourage you to invite your Bishop and his wife early to attend that evening’s activities and be with you at your testimony meeting.  They are invited to come for dinner and bring a treat to share with their YW after testimony meeting. Testimonies are often the culminating event of YW camp.  Please plan in advance to make this an opportunity for your young women to feel the spirit and share their growing testimonies in a safe and inviting atmosphere.


What meetings will I need to attend before camp?

YW Camp Kick-off:  March 20th @ 7 pm at the Carrollton Stake Center

We will have one final camp meeting on *May 2nd @ 7:00 pm at the Carrollton Stake Center

*All adult leaders planning to attend camp must be in attendance at this meeting.


If you have any questions or concerns you may contact:


Julie Rose

Stake Camp Director